10 Reasons Why Drunken Boxing Will Improve Your Martial Arts

© 2011 Shifu Neil Ripski

1- Flexibility of Mind and Body:

Drunken style is known as the most flexible system of Chinese Martial Arts, in the mind and body. The body is trained to be placed in many awkward positions and still retain power, balance and speed. This translates well in combat or the ring for unusual attacks from the player or defenses from the opponent. The mind becomes accustomed to unorthodox methods and as such the student becomes more dangerous in the ring having new things at his disposal.

2- Core Power:

Drunken is very concerned with the generation of real integrated body power from the core from many different positions. Real combat is not pretty and being able to generate force in any position from any part of your body is a great asset.

3- Diversity:

A martial artist who understands different methods can see and understand better an opponents strategies and tactics when they begin to fight. As well the human body can be used in so many ways learning an unorthodox method of movement opens the mind to different possibilities and techniques.

4- Grappling:

While Kung Fu styles are not known for their ability to fight on the ground, some systems including Drunken does train ground grappling scenarios. Through the use of body concepts the student learns to accept momentum, follow it, control terrain and make use of the four limbs of the body in combat.

5- Weapons Training:

Training in weaponry is not only for show. Drunken boxers learn how to actually spar at high speed with the classical weapons of the style as well as actively training in transference of those weapons to modern day items. The Sash and gourd for instance are easily adapted to beer bottles, belts, ropes, extension cords and the like. While the Dao (Broadsword) is adapted to anything of the same length, pool cues, sticks, clubs etc. The most interesting transference weapon has to be the bench, how often is there a chair nearby? On top of the transference from one weapon to the next training with various weapons of differing shape and size teaches the student a great deal about his body and how it realest to different weights, momentum's and situations.

6- Structural Development:

The body can be seen in many ways from a standpoint of energetics to the interrelatedness of the various skeletal and muscular structures. Drunken pays very close attention to the structural integrity of stances in stillness and motion and the method of the human body to act against gravity or force from an opponent. This results in very rooted and strong postures that any martial artist can benefit from to gain power in their strikes or an ability to not be knocked over.

7- Anti Qin Na (Locks):

Drunken is such a soft and flexible art that even "foolproof" locks and holds tend to slipped out of easily by the practitioner. There is an entire part of the curriculum dedicated to anti qin na methods for all kinds of locks and holds on the ground and standing up. Something every martial artist can use.

8- Internal Training:

Drunken boxing has a very large internal component that empowers its ability to generate force and methods of iron body, the method of retrieving force from an opponent. No one blocks everything! In addition to iron body and Fa Jin training the internal side of Drunken boxing delves into meditation and qigong for a healthy and strong body even into old age.

9- History and Lineage:

Drunken styles are rare and truthfully dying out. Being a part of something historical, powerful and rare is something as martial artists we all owe to our ancestors. Keeping these styles alive is of the utmost importance, we must continue to learn from our pasts and pass that knowledge on to new generations.

10 - Drunken Boxing is Cool:

Martial arts are really a great way to spend your time and increase your confidence and health. Why not practice something with a cool factor that very few arts have... I mean its DRUNKEN BOXING.

Shifu Neil Ripski

Here's What Others Have To Say About Drunken Boxing

"Drunken boxing offers a way to fight that most styles do not ever consider. It stresses the importance of being relaxed and being able to "go with the flow" of battle, instead of trying to go against it. This way, you are in a better position to turn the tide in your favor."
- Jerri, New Mexico USA

"The coolest thing that drunken has taught me, is being 'heavy' and appearing out of control. Drunken has made me a better martial artist because it constantly pushes my limits of balance, courage, coordination, speed, strength, focus and stamina."
- Mac, Aberdeen Scotland

"As soon as I stumbled into a drunken ready stance, my opponent, who stood at the opposite side of the ring from me on the ropes, froze in his tracks. He was mesmerized by my seemingly wobbly footwork and herky-jerky advances and retreats. So much so that all I had to do was to stumble over to him and pick when and where I wanted to hit him."
- Sami, Edmonton Alberta Canada

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