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Hello everyone. Shifu Ripksi here,

Everything is being rebuilt with the help of new members of my Red Jade team for the online course. It is being re organized and streamlined for each system I have been filming lessons for in the past and present! New lessons are filmed for Drunken, Xinyiliuhe, Shaolin 18 Lohan Palm, and Baguazhang. The new system will be coming soon and as such this forum will be closing down. Don’t worry I am in the process of saving everything that can be useful to students for relocation.

The new online training will be run through my new Patreon Site at:
Please visit the new website ( ) and Patreon to see how things are changing. Better organized lessons, release scheduling of lessons, essays and blogs as well as LIVE classes done over the internet that people can join!

This has been a wonderful beginning of a grand experiment to teach and share what I have learned online. I hope you will follow me to the new arena for training!
Shifu Neil Ripski 2018
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