Cup fist

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Cup fist

Postby wolfhire » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:24 pm

I've been practicing since many years capoeira and taekwondo and I recently bought the first volume of "secrets of Drunken Boxing" to start learning this style wich interest me a lot.
I'm pretty unfamiliar with chinese martial art and I've got few questions, especially about hand positions and exercises given in the book :

- With the cup fist, wich part of the hand/wrist do you use for a straight hit ? is there some strike where you use the first joint of the index in this position ?

- the angle of 45° with the cup fist is only for forms or does it have a martial use ?

- About the "Drunken monkey stand on One leg" (describe in the exercise part), does the heel of the foot on the ground stay in contact when you go down ?

I'm sorry if those questions seem obvious, but I would like to be sure to understand well the exercises that I'm doing and start without bad habits .

Thank you so much for you help,
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Re: Cup fist

Postby Shifu Ripski » Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:05 am

Hey there, thanks for asking some questions it helps everyone get better.

The drunken cup fist is always something that brings up questions. When you are striking the cup fist will either change into a different shape like a phoenix eye, fist, palm or such depending on what you are doing or it will be used itself which take more skill. The 45 degree angle on the wrist when in cup fist creates and arch which is a very powerful shape and in order to strike with the cup fist and the angle bent like this the punch itself has to run on an angle so the impact will go on the 45 degree angle through the knuckles and into the long bones of the arm. When I was being taught my teacher made me do a lot of work on the heavy bag with the cup fist to get this right.
The shape of the bent wrist also works psychologically on both you and an opponent. The bent and curled inwards wrist and softness of the hand implies weakness and fear which is exactly what we want to send to an opponent. Drunken does not mean you try to make them think you are drunk, it means to portray a soft, weak state to enemies. Ideally this way they will take you less seriously and underestimate you giving you the advantage.
The cup fist works on the self in the same way, the curling of the wrist and soft hand is a trigger to relax the body. We deal with a lot of fear and emotional baggage in combat and are always trying to relax our bodies to make the best use of momentum and our own weight in movement. By training a mnemonic trigger into our art by using this hand shape during training we can use it to create the physiological and physiological response of relaxation when in combat. Train to change the body to 'drunk' at the switch of the hand position.

Drunken monkey on one leg is done without the front heel on the ground.

Keep the questions coming, this is the best way to get more content on here!!
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