Limb Destruction(Zhi Qiang)

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Drunken Gong Fu is concerned with destruction of the opponents limbs to render them useless, “Defang the snake” as they say, which also the name of one of our limb destruction drills. To break bones, dislocate joints and paralyse limbs is the definition of limb destruction. Drunken boxing works at this through qin na (sieze and control techniques) and strikes to vital areas for paralysis effects. One of the first methods taught to students of the style is how to properly create leverage to break bones.

The biggest mistake students make when learning to break arms with techniques like “making chord wood” (a basic armbreak done from an armbar style technique by placing the left hand on the left wrist of the opponent and driving the right elbow through the opponents elbow) is the use of too much movement. The less movement occurs in the joints of the practitioners arm or indeed their entire body the less chances there are of losing power through differing rotations in the limbs. For instance people generally try to use a push/pull type of motion in this technique with the arms. But this allows the opponents arm to move too much and not remain immobile to be broken and the practitioners arms are “making too many moves” to quote my master. To discuss this in text is difficult but in detail what is going on when done properly:

1- the drunkards left arm (holding the opponents wrist) must turn to align the elbow of the opponent to be direct conflict with the drunkards right elbow. Most importantly the left hand should be placed on the stomach and NOT MOVED. This removes the possibility of errors in the arm while generating power, which is done with the waist. By turning the waist to the left the pulling force to straighten the opponents arm is created and begins to create tangential force on the arm.

2- the drunkards right elbow should be placed on the opponents elbow or just below it towards the hand. The elbow should travel in an upward motion (the practitioners) through the elbow joint of the opponent. Do not let your arm move away from your body, Keep the right arm rubbing the ribs the entire time. The motion is created only by turning the waist and not by moving the arm. Do not make unnecessary moves. Done correctly this will be more than powerful enough to break or disclocate the arm. Try the technique on long staffs until you an break them at will.

Limb destruction can also be applied through striking points in order to paralyse the opponents limbs or even internal organs as is the case with a common strike to the solar plexus, disabling the lungs ability to take in air for a short time. Another point below the nipple can be used to similar effect disrupting breathing of the opponent (Directly below the nipple in the 5th intercostal space-Ru Gen). Limb paralysis points include the very center of the shoulder muscle (Jian Yu) when struck the entire arm will feel pain and numbness and be of little to no use in combat. Another one of note for paralysing the leg through pain is located on the outside of the thigh at the point where your middle finger touches when you are standing erect. This point (Feng Shi) will cause severe pain is struck or kicked properly with force and numb the leg for a short time, more than long enough for the student to finish the opponent.

Of course dislocation and breaking is usually the method used in Chinese martial arts due to their battlefield history, but all options should be open to the student who needs to understand combat with the use of limb destructing techniques. There are far too may to list here in such a small space. Research and more will be forthcoming. Be sure to understand all the techniques for the method, striking, kicking, grabbing, clawing, dotting (with the fingers), cutting etc and become familiar with uman anatomy in western as well as Chinese methods (acupuncture charts).

Shifu Neil Ripski

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