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"As soon as I stumbled into a drunken ready stance, my opponent, who stood at the opposite side of the ring from me on the ropes, froze in his tracks. He was mesmerized by my seemingly wobbly footwork and herky-jerky advances and retreats. So much so that all I had to do was to stumble over to him and pick when and where I wanted to hit him."
- Sami

The Secrets of Drunken Boxing Book 1 & 2


Secrets of Drunken Boxing by Shifu Neil Ripski covers the indepth moves and techniques of this special form of Kung Fu. Photos and clear instructions will guide you to practical understanding of this martial art. Secrets of Drunken Boxing Vol. 2 by Shifu Neil Ripski continues in this book series with more indepth discussion of internal power, combat techniques and forms of this special form of Kung Fu. Visit Our Online Book Distributor

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The Secrets of Drunken Boxing DVD's
Volumes 1,2,3 and Drunken Staff

Learn the Secrets of Drunken Boxing in this step-by-step video series which includes additional warmup and skill-building drills. Available through our online DVD Distributor, Plum Publications.

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